Scent Glossary

Berries: Smokey rich woods and charred hemp leaves create a one-of-a-kind balance with pear nectar and Goji berries. 

Birthday Cake: A delicious blend of strawberry with creamy vanilla, spun sugar and butter frosting. 

Fern: An earthy bouquet of soft florals and greens with notes of jasmine, gardenia, fern & moss. 

Fresh Fig: A fresh and coastal fragrance with notes of sea salt, sun-ripened fig and jasmine.

Lemon Verbena: A fresh and citrusy fragrance with a clean and complex finish. 

Palo Santo: A woodsy scent with notes of cedar, black currant, Arabian Rose and Palo Santo. Ritualistically burned to cleanse a space of bad energy in many Central and South American countries, Palo Santo or "holy wood" is said to have purifying and healing properties.

Pineapple: A juicy tropical escape. Sweet pineapple nectar blended with vanilla and sugared lime.

Rosemary Sage: Earthy and herbal notes of rosemary, sage and pine combined with green florals and eucalyptus.

Sage & Lavender: A calming scent that is ideal for burning before bed, meditation, or while taking a bath. Notes of sage and chamomile are blended with earthy lavender and sandalwood. 

Succulent: A green and floral fragrance with notes of sweet agave and aloe. 

Sweet Citrus: A combination of bright citrus and mango with juicy peach.