About Us

Here at Sage & Sara, every purchase makes a difference

Sage & Sara Candle Co. is a small business featuring hand-poured, eco-friendly soy candles. Behind each candle is a grieving Mom who has experienced the loss of her two children - her first ended in a miscarriage, and her second died shortly after birth due to a genetic condition called Thanathophoric Dysplasia. We seek to give back to organizations and hospitals who help women navigate through loss and grief by donating candles and profits with every purchase made at our shop. We are committed to offering candles made with clean and conscious ingredients, while at the same time honoring and celebrating the lives of babies we've lost. 

How We Started 

After a long, restless night following the death of my son Sage, I felt the need to light a candle for him. I'll never forget the feeling -- I was anxious and I felt as though I needed to "light" his spirit and feel his presence. I lit my first candle for him and began to feel a sense of comfort I had not felt before. He was right there with me. Since then, I lit candle after candle, finding the same comfort through every flickering flame. After many candle purchases at big retail stores, my husband brought up the idea of making our own candles at home to make these candles even more special for Sage. We'd have control over every ingredient and aspect of the candle.  Armed with nothing but a candle kit from a local supplier, we made our first candles and fell in love with the process of candle-making. We researched, practiced and tested for many months until we 'perfected' our own methods and felt comfortable giving them out to friends and family for further testing and approval. After a few months, we reached out to our local hospital (where Sage was born) and offered to donate some to families who experience a loss at their facility. Ever since, our goal has been to reach as many families as possible in hopes our candles bring them the same sense of comfort we feel when we light them, hence why Sage & Sara was born. 

We chose Sage & Sara as the name for our shop in honor of the babies we've lost. Without knowing what our future would hold, one day while sitting in our car in a parking lot, we picked these two beautiful names for the children we dreamed of having. Now, with our two children gone, it was only fitting to name the shop in honor of them. Read more about Sage's story. 

A closer look

We believe in creating candles with minimalistic designs and beautiful scents that speak to everyone. We are conscious of our ingredients and only use clean and safe ingredients to help keep your home as toxin-free as possible. We mindfully hand craft small batches of candles using sustainable soy wax and phthalate-free fragrance oils infused with natural essential oils. All of our candles are free of petroleum, parabens and Prop 65 chemicals. 

Our 100% domestically-grown soy wax is derived from plants to give your candles an eco-friendly, clean burn. Our wicks are made of flat braided cotton interwoven with paper threads, and are lead and zinc free. Each candle is accompanied by a mixture of man-made and and natural fragrances that are safe for you to burn.  

We believe in making sustainable choices and are always striving to find healthy methods in our production. 

Each candle is wicked, mixed, poured and labeled by hand in Orange County, CA

Rethinking Retail

Sage & Sara only works with local / domestic suppliers to source ethical and sustainable supplies and ingredients. When shopping at Sage & Sara, you have the opportunity to bring safe and effective scents to your home, while also giving back to your community. View our mission.

Every purchase counts

With every purchase, you are helping us make a difference in a family who has experienced the loss of a child through miscarriage, stillbirth or infancy death. Our candles help bring light and comfort to their grieving hearts, and lets them know they are seen and supported by many. View our impact.