Will you donate <insert large number> candles for my organizations and/or event?
Because we are a small company, we are unable to donate large amounts of candles for multiple organizations at a time/events. If you would like to purchase them at bulk prices, please contact us. We will occasionally donate gift sets or single candles for silent auctions for causes or organizations that share our mission. 

Do you offer samples?
This is something we are currently working on. We'd love to give you the option to select small-sized candles before you commit to our bigger sizes. Stayed tuned. 

Where can I buy your products/smell your scents in person?
At this time we do not have a storefront or stockists. All of our candles are only available on our website. 

Are your candles all natural and nontoxic?
All our products utilize synthetic and man-made fragrance blends. While this may disqualify us from the all-natural category, over 90% of the content of our candles is plant-derived. 

Why can't I smell anything from your candle?
We try to exceed expectations by creating high-quality candles that are thoroughly tested. However, we are up against a lot of factors when it comes to scenting a space without overwhelming or causing discomfort. 

Our abilities to perceive fragrance, and the physiological reactions we may have to fragrance, vary widely and are different for each individual - which means that we cannot create a one-size-fits-all product. 

Please consider that you may experience olfactory fatigue, or odor fatigue – the temporary inability to distinguish a particular scent after prolonged exposure to that airborne compound. This is totally normal, and often happens when you use the same fragrance for a long period of time. We suggest keeping a stash of 2 or 3 scents you love and regularly rotating them when you notice the strength fading.  

The size of your space is also important. Larger rooms or those with high ceilings or large openings into other rooms may require a few products to sustain the fragrance in the space. We recommend that you try burning multiple candles at a time to build the fragrance to your desired level.

How fragrant are your products?
Again, this may vary on an individual's ability to perceive fragrance.  

To ensure your space is well-scented, we suggest using each candle in the appropriately-sized space.

Small Spaces: 7 oz candles for a stronger, more contained scent throw.

Medium Spaces to Large Spaces: We suggest burning two or more 7oz candles at a time.  

How should I take care of my candle?
It is highly recommended that you trim the candle's wick to 1/4" before or after every burn session, and allow the candle to burn 3-4 hours intervals or until a full melt pool has reached the jar's edges. For more tips, please refer to our Candle Care page. 

Can your jars be recycled?
Absolutely. They can also be repurposed in many different ways that we will show you very soon. 

Do you do private label/custom scents?
Not at this time. 

Do you offer bulk discounts for my wedding/event/corporate gift?
Yes, if you would like to order a minimum of 24 pieces of one style/scent. Please contact us at hello@sageandsaracandles.com for information on bulk orders. 

Do you wholesale?
Yes! Please e-mail us at hello@sageandsaracandles.com to be considered as a wholesale partner. Please note that we are a small company and may be unable to commit to multiple wholesalers at a time. 

Do you offer candle making classes?
Not at this time, but we envision it happening in the future. 

Do you ship internationally?
Not at this time, but we look forward to serving our international customers one day. 

I need my candles tomorrow. Can you overnight them?
Please make a note if you absolutely need us to ship the next business day and we’ll do our best to rush your order. We will reach out to you to discuss expedited shipping charges.

Do you dropship?
No, we do not dropship or sell on dropship e-commerce stores.